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Mr. Chaitanya Mentor

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My name is Chaitanya and i am passionate about physics, started teaching at a young age of 19 while pursuing Graduation studies, and with extreme passion has been continuously widening my reach to the knowledge seeking students from local to national and to international level.

By establishing Recorded Courses & Live Interactive Classes, providing the best
lectures in Physics to crack any kind of engineering & medical entrances by the students confidently. Being taught and mentored more than 50000 students in my 14 years of teaching offline, decided to extend my valuable support to everyone through online digital sessions, so that students will get enough knowledge and also enhance their ability by viewing recorded lectures anytime during course.

I want to help you improve your score, increase your confidence and get you ready for your next exam. I first became fascinated with physics in Graduation where I was fortunate enough to learn physics from a great teacher. My enthusiasm for teaching physics is unmatched. I have worked in various reputed institutions like Narayana, MasterJee, Parthashram and many more. At present working with Sri Chaitanya institutions (Hyderabad).


This is not a large tutoring company, literally one man operation, I honestly want you to succeed and will go above and beyond to make sure you achieve your desired score in IIT-JEE, Mains, NEET and many more. I promise to make physics fun for you.

I bring over 14 years of teaching experience to every lesson I teach. I have taught 1000s of students at various levels like JEE-Mains, Advanced,Neet etc, and know the common mistakes made by the students.

I will teach you much more than just physics so that students develop confidence, study skills, motivation, a love of learning and a curiosity about problem solving skills.

Students who work with me have access to me, They have my phone number, email, and are free to contact me anytime they want with questions. I don't do their work but I can help them when they are stuck.

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