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Why to Choose Druvan Academy Course?

Hey guys,
I know what you are thinking... Ok, I agree.
“I need to understand the basics to become a good problem solving ability in physics.

“And I need to learn the wide range of physics concepts while going in-depth in a topic or two.”
What do I choose?”
“Do I choose to learn from a popular offline training institution or an online training program like Druvan academy..?

Isn’t it the question that’s nagging you?
It’s natural, and it’s good.
You should make an informed decision.

Which one is best for you? 
Instructor led classroom training Or self-paced online training like Druvan academy (Live online physics classes)

Let’s look into each one.
Instructor-led Classroom Training :
Well, nothing can beat the classroom learning experience. 
Interacting with the instructor, asking questions and getting answers instantly, and hanging out with friends after the session is over.
It’s so good to be back to school.

Price: It costs you a fortune. A decent, quality & experienced offline training program might cost you anywhere between 50 thousand to 1 Lakh rupees. 

That’s a huge investment for many of you.
Teacher’s Experience: Your level of learning depends entirely on how good your teacher is. When you’re in tier 2 cities, you may not get access to the best teachers and has to settle for Less.

Time Investment: You also have to invest a particular time at the coaching venue. And If there is no coaching center at your location, you may have to travel to the nearest location or relocate to a place where better institutes are present. That’ll cost you a bit more.
Future Support: You won’t get access to the course program or teacher after the completion of the course. You also won’t get support. You are on your own.
Lack of Course Updates: Pretty much standard courseware that doesn’t get updated frequently.
In short, when it comes to the value you get for the huge money you pay, it isn’t much.
I might be biased, and I recommend you to take my feedback with a pinch of salt.

But that’s what I’ve learned from parents and students in various interaction sessions is,

IIT –JEE, NEET, Mains, BITSAT whatever it may, Physics is challenging and rank deciding subject, need to invest lot of money to get best coaching anywhere in India.


With the motto of providing quality coaching in less price , I have started Druvan Academy (Live online Physics classes) with several advantages as follows…

 Self-paced Online Training :

Affordable: You’ll be paying around one third of the cost of a classroom training program. And if you are beginner trying to get confidence, recording sessions will available for viewing later or frequently until you get perfection, this is crucial for slow learners or having phobia in physics subject.
Also, you get the best value for money.
Trainers: You can learn from the top experts without breaking the bank

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Have more questions?

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